It's MondayEdit

Bubblegum: Please don't tell me it's Monday.

Darlene: It's Monday.

Bubblegum: [Yawns].........OH NO!!!

Darlene: WHAT!?!?!?

Bubblegum: Look for yourself!

[Bubblegum shows dirty shirt]

Darlene: Ew!

Bubblegum: I can't go to school like this! I'LL BE HUMILIATED!

Darlene: Don't you have more cloths to wear?

Bubblegum: Nope, dad never has time to afford stuff.

Darlene: What are you gonna do then?

Bubblegum: Improvise!

Darlene: Are you kidding me? [laughs]

Bubblegum: DON'T MOCK ME! This is perfect.


At the busEdit

Bubblegum: [Inhales]

[Bubblegum and Darlene enter bus, students are confused.]

Perry: What in the world?

Tabitha: [Laughs]

Bubblegum: [Whispers] This can not be happening.

[Bubblegum gets a dozen things thrown at her at once and falls off her seat]

Bubblegum: Ow! hey, what's wrong with you people!?

[Tabitha stands up on his Seat and calls out to Bubblegum]

Tabitha: What's wrong with your Shirt!? Hahaha

[Darlene turns to Bubblegum looking dumbfounded]

Darlene: Are you ACTUALLY gonna take that!?

[Bubblegum looks back]

Bubblegum: Sadly, yes. Yes...  I must.

[The Bus crosses the road and the scene switches]

At SchoolEdit

[Bubblegum is emptying her Locker]

Bubblegum: Let's see... did I put some helpful cleaning items in here?

[All the items whack Darlene onto the Floor]

Darlene: Wow, you seriously need to get a grip. it's just a dirty shirt. The jokes gonna wear thin after a while...

[A crowd of Students begin chasing Bubblegum]

[Bubblegum frowns]

Bubblegum: You were saying?

[Bubblegum quickly dashes away and grabs Darlene]

[They run holding hands]

Darlene: Is this really necessary?

[Bubblegum turns to Darlene]

Bubblegum: Of course it is

Darlene: Alright, this is getting pretty lame

Bubblegum: But you haven`t seen my full prowess

Darlene: Full prowess? You? Really? The one who's afraid of being picked on for a shirt

[Bubblegum twitches but, smiles]

Bubblegum: That's right. Keep the hate coming. it'll only make me more strong.

[Bubblegum begins throwing lockers at the students behind them, Tabitha trips and lays there]

Tabitha: This isn't funny anymore.

[A locker hits Tabitha]

Darlene: Hey, give her a chance!

Bubblegum: But, She was the one who lead this Gang. You know what?


[Bubblegum jumps, and twists, slides midair into all the students and Drop kicks them onto various lockers]

Realization the stain is just a stickerEdit


Darlene: The principal is coming!

[Bubblegum, Darlene, and Tabitha turn around to the lockers]

Darlene: WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!! This isn't a stain.............ITS A STICKER!


Bubblegum: Heheh.

Darlene: [Facepalm]

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