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The Pencil
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Season 2, Episode 12
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The Pencil is an upcoming twelfth episode of season two of The Fabulous Land of Bubblegum.


Bubblegum loses a pencil, Darlene and Seong helps Bubblegum to look for it.


Darlene prepares herself to go to the college. Bubblegum asks Darlene if to seen her pencil. Darlene replies to Bubblegum that she don't have the pencil. Niko is involved of being employed at the company this instant. Bubblegum said to him that I have lost my pencil and Bubblegum advise that he should ask with Seong. In the police station, Bubblegum tells to Seong what I spend with my pencil. They help the girls. They did not find it and Bubblegum, thinking about the pencil it realized that they were coming very late to college school. Bubblegum went away with much to the college knowing that not to be able to write and tape-worm fear. Darlene and Seong are finding for the pencil. Suddenly there was a sheen behind of a wastebasket. It was the pencil. They took it but, before Darlene was giving not even to Bubblegum, the pencil sheen take so much that, that is also the spirit of the grandfather of Bubblegum. They we're astonished so much that Darlene and Seong broke the pencil and the spirit disappears. Darlene and Seong are celebrated in the garage while Bubblegum was punished in the college.

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  • The pencil sheen of Bubblegum has the spirit of his grandfather