The Crook
Season 3, Episode 1
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Air date N/A
Written by Cloudkit01
Directed by Cloudkit01
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The Crook is an episode that will soon be aired on Season 3 sometime in the future.


Niko got scammed out of money and the girls are gonna get his money back.


Bubblegum and Darlene are in the living room watching TV with Riley, when their father, Niko came home and slams the door. They ask him what's wrong and he yells at them saying that he been scamed and is out of money to pay the bills. They want to help him to get his money back, but he told them that it's too dangerous for them to risk their life and he can do it by himself. After getting the money back, it turns out that buyer is actually a undercover cop, so he and the other two cops arrest Niko, Bubblegum, and Darlene for buying stolen jewelerys.


  • This episode name makes a reference to a mission of a Rockstar video game "Grand Theft Auto III" that was released back in 2001.
  • The crook is a person that who gets away with everything.
  • This is the the first episode of the third season.