Cloudkit01 is a half Italian, French, and Swedish American voice actor, director, singer, episode writer, story writer, producer, creator of video games, Youtube shows and movies, and a script writer for The Fabulous Land of Bubblegum. He provides the voice of Niko Fireson, Seong Cipriani, and several other characters on the show. He was known for singing in a deep voice.


Year Title Role Notes
2013 Three Teens Left Alone on Earth Narrator, Himself Creator, Singer, Voice Actor, Script Writer, Writer


Year Title Role Notes
N/A The Amazing World of Gumball with The Three Stooges Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Additional Voices Episode Writer, Voice Actor, Writer, Script Writer, Casting Director, Song Writer, Director, Creator, Singer
N/A Grand Theft Auto Universe Victor Vance, Tommy Vercetti, Pedestrians, Additional Voices Casting Director, Writer, Episode Writer, Voice Actor, Script Writer, Director, Creator
N/A The Three Stooges meet The Cartoon Network All-Stars Curly Howard, Larry Fine, Moe Howard, Anouncer Song Writer, Creator, Script Writer, Voice Actor, Writer, Singer, Director, Casting Director, Episode Writer
2013 Amazing Regular Time Unknown, Shnitzel (Not Yet) Guest Voice
2013 The Fabulous Land of Bubblegum Niko Fireson, Seong Cipriani Additional Voices Voice Actor, Episode Writer, Singer, Script Writer, Director, Story Writer

Video GameEdit

Video Game
Year Title Role Notes
N/A Grand Theft Auto: Nicole Watterson Stories Moe Fine, Carlos Tubbs, Dez Yakuza, Rufus Speed, Turner Klebitz, Pedestrians, Additional Voices Script Writer, Director, Creator, Singer, Voice Actor


  • He is the only voice actor who is doing some voices of each different charaters, like humans and animals from every TV shows and video games.

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