[alarm clock rings]

Darlene: Woohoo! Bubblegum wake up!

Bubblegum: W-What?

Darlene: Do you know what today is?!

Bubblegum: I don't know, Monday.

Darlene: No. It's your birthday.

Bubblegum: Oh wow. [sarcastically]

Darlene: Wait what. Why aren't you happy?

Bubblegum: Well, every year on my birthday something terrible happens like [flashback] the time when I was 8 and I got lost at the carnival.

Young Bubblegum: Mom, Dad, DARLENE! [ starts to tear up]

Bubblegum: Or the time I was 9 and I was given detention by Mr.Simon for not being able to toughen up.

Young Bubblegum: But they stole my lunch money and now I can't have no lunch. [ tearing up]

Mr. Simon: Detention! For being too annoying. I'm trying to enjoy my coffee break here.

Bubblegum: Or the time I was 10 and Tony and James put hornets in my lunch box.

Young Bubblegum: Aah! Shoo, Shoo!

Kenny, Darlene, Carlos and Banana Josephine gasp.

[ Tony and James are laughing hysterically]

Bubblegum: Or last year when it was time to hit the pinata, I instead hit the bat right in my face and ended up in the emergency room.

Darlene: I understand. Now, my friend I promise that I shall do anything it takes to make sure you have the best birthday ever without any of the pain or sorrow and that I'll ...

Bubblegum: [ interrupts] Darlene, hurry up or you'll be late for the bus.

[ scene changes where Bubblegum and Darlene are sitting on the bus]

Darlene: Are you okay?

Bubblegum: Yes

Darlene: Are you okay?

Bubblegum: Yes [ annoyed]

Darlene: Are you okay?

Bubblegum: YES! Now would you just leave me alone.

Darlene: No! I must be by your side all day long.

[ Bubblegum makes a worried expression on her face]

[ scene changes to the gym]

Mr. Simon: Now. When I blow my whistle you throw the ball at someone from the other team and their out if it hits them. If you miss, they're still in the game. If they catch it, the person who threw it is out. They say no headshots so we're going to do just so. But what they didn't say is that we couldn't use bowling balls. So that's what we're using. Understand.

Everyone: Yes Mr. Simon.

Darlene: This is ridiculous.

Bubblegum: Yea

Mr. Simon: Here are the team's. Team 1 is Kenny, Tony, Bubblegum, Darlene, Corey, Ida and Gary.

Team 2 is James, Ocha, Roberta, Carlos, Alana, Hannah and Annie. 

[ blows whistle]


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